Saturday, December 13, 2008

Without Even Knowing It!

Adam and I actually both slept through the night last night -- perhaps we were both so exhausted that our bodies gave up!

The funny part was waking up with Aketi suckling the skin between my torso and my arm as though it were a nipple. He left me a hickey!

But he had managed to come into the bed with us without us waking up at all. We’ve been spoiling him a little extra of late, and we let him stay, because we know that it might be one of our last nights with him!

We’ll take him over to the sanctuary to join Kathé, Django Mayanga, Bolungwa, and Mangé on Monday. If he’s doing really well there, we’ll let him spend the night there, but we’re taking it slowly ... Malembe, malembe (in Lingala).

Still, after tonight, that’s only 2 or 3 more nights, and I am already sure that our twin bed will feel huge without a little hairy bedhog sprawled in the middle of it!

...Okay, well, maybe not huge.

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