Thursday, December 11, 2008

Grand Espionage

Quelle evennement!

One would imagine that the drama of two weeks ago (was it really two weeks ago?) was over, but it doesn’t seem to be quite yet, and, in fact, it becomes more sordid by the day!

An employee NOT involved in the Great Tin Affair of 2008 was sent to work on a project in another town but did not, in fact, go to that town as instructed.

Instead, he consorted with FS for two weeks and got drunk and told him all of our secrets!

“What can you expect,” said Polycarpe, wisely, “he probably drank so much there he couldn’t help but vomit up lies!”

It’s like a bad detective novel with less fine ladies in furs and more cackling two-faced drunken weasels!

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