Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fights About Beans

Yargh! Penny pinching and project management make Laura go <something something>

Go Crazy!? Don’t mind if I do!

Seriously, I had a fight this morning with two of the staff about BEANS.

Because we’d sent 10 days worth of beans for 2 guys on the last mine survey, and they’d come back 4 days early, and told me that there were NO beans left.

THEN I discover that they have been EATING THEM, SECRETLY, in the night at their house, even after receiving money for food during the day!!!!

There comes points in your life where you say to yourself, “How did I come to this intersection? What were the events that precipitated sitting at 9 in the morning, and having an argument about cups of beans?”

When you are having a discussion about beans and lying with a man who is in his twenties, has one child and another on the way, who seems in all aspects of behavior to be an adult, but sulks and looks like he’s going to cry because you’ve uncovered his secret bean ploys?

Is it easier to be a bean fighter, or a bean counter?

It’s enough to make you laugh (perhaps while crying) but the end of the story is this:

Let there be beans!

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