Saturday, December 6, 2008

Aketi vs. Goma

At the risk of this breaking the format of the blog (and sucking major
bandwidth), Adam and I thought it might behoove us to do a quick
geography lesson of Congo. While we appreciate people's concerns
about us with regard to affairs in Goma (red star) -- a favored topic
of NPR and other drastically woe-ridden news agencies -- Goma is
*extremely far away* from us. We're estimating over 500 miles from us
(yellow pushpin)!

That's around a 9 hour *drive* on a clean, well-made American road.
Here, it would probably take someone a month to get from Goma to
Aketi. Giving us plenty of time to hide our valuables in our

We will not forget to mention either that the major roads in Congo run
mostly perpendicularly - Kinshasa-Kisangani-Aketi. There are
absolutely no roads that go Aketi-Goma. Or even Buta-Goma!

So worry not. I promise, if you SHOULD worry, we will tell you.
Hehe. But for right now, we are safe, happy, and hot and sweaty!

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