Saturday, December 13, 2008

Aketi Discovers Spaghetti

To try and diversify the foods he eats, Aketi usually gets to have a
little of whatever we are having for lunch or dinner, since often
we're eating local fruits and vegetables that grow in the wild too!
Sometimes, though, we splurge and Aketi discovered the deliciousness
of spaghetti this week. He was hilarious to watch as he shoved noodles
into his mouth. What a mess he was! (and usually is while eating)

Of course, he got SO caught up in eating that he forgot he needed to
pee, and started going right NEXT to the plate of spaghetti, and even
IN it! Oh no!!

Disclaimer: Chimpanzees shown here are not pets, nor should they be
considered as such. Chimpanzees are wild animals that belong in the
forest, and the pet trade fuels a vicious cycle of wild chimpanzee
slaughter and abuse. Chimps shown here are orphans and must be taken
care of in a sanctuary environment that mimics as best it can the
natural environment of chimpanzees and attempts to minimize the trauma
already inflicted on the infants.

Chimpanzees do NOT make good pets. They are wild animals, unmanageable
in a domestic setting, strong and willful and dangerous. For more
information, please visit:

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