Monday, December 8, 2008

And the Rain Came Down

Let no one say that nature is ever half-assed here. Because it may be the dry season, but man did the rain come down last night!

During the day, despite the constant grumbling in the sky, the impending rain actually brought a noticeable cool to the air. The wind was chilly, and Adam even said “Ooo, I’m cold!!”

But there was no rain! So we waited and waited.

Finally, around 5 o’clock, right after Olivier had gone out in his white dress to fetch us pineapple for the next day’s breakfast, the sky became suddenly DARK!

I’ll upload pictures on Sunday but really, it was just beautiful...

The wind was whipping up a frenzy and the birds had all gone silent. Everyone on the road had suddenly vanished -- people knew what was coming and Seba asked to go home early to avoid the rain.

“Uh oh,” said Adam, “I hope the power doesn’t go out!”

It literally took me two beats before I realized what he had said and we laughed and laughed and laughed.

When the rain finally did come, it came like a wave, sounding like the surf as the combined sounds of every leaf being splashed and every tin roof being hit just swelled together.

The lightning was fierce, at one point hitting so close to us that not only was the thunder loud enough to make me shriek and to shake the house, but we could see the residue of the lightning in the sky; it looked like a sliver of fire, crackling and orange!

The especially nice part about huge rainstorms like that is their ability to keep the mosquitos at bay -- with drops that big, mosquitos don’t dare to fly out into the night to bite us!

And we sat, sitting on the back stoop, huddled together for warmth, watching the lightning and listening to the rain. And the rain, in turn, washed everything away.

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