Monday, December 8, 2008

Literature Review in the Bush

I never imagined that, when I printed out all of the articles I intended to include in the Literature Review of my thesis, that I would have to trick my computer into extending the battery while I highlighted, made notes, and cited articles that I hoped to download once I was back in the States.

But man, it’s tough! When you’ve got a WHOLE lot of things to write on the computer, and you rely on a generator to charge up your computer battery, and the gas for the generator costs at least $3/liter!

I am contemplating becoming a L’Essentrepreneur in December when I send Seba to Kisangani to renew mine and Adam’s passport visas... I mean, gas is SO much less expensive there! I could use the generator so much more!

Think of all of the work I could get done!

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