Sunday, December 21, 2008

The New Bed

Finally, after 3 months of sleeping in a twin sized bed, Adam and I got a FULL SIZED BED yesterday.

The night passed SO well, because not only could we each lie flat on the bed, but we could sit up in the bed and shift as we saw fit, and even each exit a side of the bed in order to go to the toilet in the night!!

And now, without the baby in the house, we could sleep in too!

We stayed in bed late this morning, until nearly 6:30am and laughed and talked. Even after getting this huge bed, it felt weird to be so far apart from one another, so we smushed.

“Remember that first night when we stayed at the church in Banalia,” I said, “when we were horrified to find the twin bed and I said, ‘Don’t worry, it’ll just be for one night!’”

“At least in Buta we had a double bed!” replied Adam.

“But we had no mosquito net!” I cried. “Did we even have mosquitos in Buta?”

“I don’t remember them being in Buta,” sage Adam replied, “they probably didn’t bother coming because they didn’t want to answer questions at the [immigration official]’s office.”

I laughed loudly. “Maybe they got taken in for questioning regarding Ugandan espionage at the ANR’s office!”

We laughed, echoing through our big cement room and into the cold, misty, sunless morning.

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