Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Gruesome, but Interesting!

A guy came by the house yesterday, hearing that we were interested in
stories about chimpanzees and chimpanzee slaughter. This man is one
of many who carry a camera around and charge $1 a photo. They finish
the roll, get the film developed (though who the hell knows WHERE) and
bring the photo to the person who bought it. I guess it's good work,
and they get to take a lot of interesting pictures!

This photo, however, is a bit on the macabre side. These three men
have just shot and killed a red-tailed guenon and this big chimpanzee
and are showing off! "Look! Dead primates! Yay! Picture Time!"

Some things I might never understand...

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Alex L said...


something that i thought of reading this though -- in order to stop these things, we really do have to understand them....