Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Even Language Barriers Can Be Funny!

One day, I was home without Laura to be a translator. Our new friend,
Papa B, came to the house and he said something to me in French. Or
at least I *assume* it was French. It might have been Lingala!

I had no idea.

He seemed to be asking me for something for his ear. He was pointing
to his ears, and I was so confused!

So, I tried to use reason and be logical, and I went to the room and
got 2 Q-Tips.

And I gave them to him.

I can't tell whether the look on his face was that of confusion, or

But regardless he then used the Q-Tips to clean his ears!

Can you imagine asking someone for something in a language they don't
know? When you get results, can you be disappointed if it's not what
you wanted?

Was he really asking for Q-Tips? I'll never know!

But all in all, it was funny and made Laura laugh a lot!

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