Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Karate in the Garden of Eden

A great regular thing that’s been fun to look forward to has been Adam’s regular karate lessons.

Our most recent karate endeavour was yesterday, (Tuesday) where, for once, everyone seemed to show up ontime!

Except, of course, for Mr. Eyebrows’ children, who showed up an hour late and were told to come again today. Hehe. I guess if Mr. Eyebrows was my dad, I would show up everywhere late too!

But the lesson itself was great! Adam, despite the language barrier seems to be imparting the joy of Tang Soo Do to the kids, who laugh at even some of his worst jokes!

It does seem to take a lot of special attention to get some of the kids on the right track, though, so during the last lesson, I looked on and saw two boys in the back, a bit older than the rest, who really seemed to -get- what was going on and were already helping correct the other students.

So, we asked if they would come for private lessons, and then act as the assistants to the class! We even offered to pay them a little money for it!

The funny part is, though, their names -- Dieu (“God” in French) and Abel --

Aketi Karate Instruction will now be taught by God, Adam and Abel. In our garden (of Eden)!

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