Monday, December 8, 2008

Amoebes (The Worried Mother)

Even if it’s not your own child, when someone you are caring for is sick, the worries nibble at you ever so slowly so that you don’t notice them until ahh! Your whole left big toe has been consumed!

Such is the way with Aketi and amoebas. Adam’s “sickness” went away after a day of Metronidazole. But Aketi’s diarrhea got worse, so much so that last night, the second day of thrice-daily dosage, I gave him only 2 doses.

Some of his “outputs” seemed solid and normal, but some were so runny they were hardly distinguishable from pee.

As opposed to the first day of his sickness, when he was sleepy and lethargic and not-hungry, Aketi has been bouncing around, hungry, active, and lively.

Yet still, since yesterday’s runs, Aketi hasn’t gone poop! For a little chimpanzee who poops as often as he does, this feels very troubling! It’s already 11 am, and he usually poops in our room in the night, but he didn’t last night.

It’s not for lack of eating; he’s eaten a ton, both today and yesterday! He’s still excited about food and as snatchy as ever.

But why isn’t he pooping?

I look skeptically at this medicine, METAZOL, that once again has an endlessly long and Engrish-tastic explanation of side effects and uses. It was manufactured in India in 2006 but says it will last until 2009. It is advertised as being

Colour: Sunset Yellow
Flavour: Mix Fruit

Though the color could be described as nothing less than Grainy Tang and the flavor Adam described as “licking the floor of the children’s ward at the hospital”.

I will continue to watch him and assess his progress -- though the rational part of me knows that he will probably be alright, the panicky mother part of me has these visions of death and horror!

Oh, and for the medically inclined,

Each 5 ml. contains Metronidazole Benzoate BP equivalent to Metronidazole 125mg and he was getting doses of 2.5ml

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