Saturday, December 20, 2008

Better Now!!!!!!

For all of you who have read that I was sick, from Laura's many blog entries detailing her worries, don't worry I am better. The main reason for the worry was we didn't know what it was exactly. At first, with the fever, we thought it might have been malaria. I took the malaria medicine, knowing that it would make me feel worse before better. It made me feel like crap, but not better. I then started taking antibiotics. I was then thinking the rash that I scratched at until bleeding on the back of my leg was bleeding got infected. Sure enough, that was it. It took a while for them to work and go up and down in my recovery. It was like taking three steps forward, then two steps back. Now, I am better. I have touch of diarrhea, but I am taking Immodium for that. Sometimes I get fatigued too. My fever is completely gone and I am no longer nauseated. I will take antibiotics for another day or two.

On other news, Olivier and Richard came back from their investigation of the mine. We found out the miners are dirty, promiscuous, diseased, eat chimps and monkeys and go into the forest a lot. However , there are no chimps near that mine. So we have to knock that one off the list for sample collection, but the data gathered there was very useful.

That about sums up my week. I know it was very pleasant but thats what it was. I'll write again soon with hopefully better news

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