Saturday, December 20, 2008

The One that Got Away

We can't save everyone, and the sad news was this orphan, called Lao
Di Kia ("The present moment"), whose news came to us the 14th of this

Adam was extremely sick, Aketi was about to be integrated with the
other chimpanzees at the sanctuary, and really, just the timing for us
was really bad.

When we heard of him, he had already stopped eating and was already
lethargic. He comes from the forests near Bili, where many
chimpanzees are still completely unknown to us.

Of course, there have been many chimpanzees that we couldn't save;
Cleve saw 33 orphans in just 13 months here. But to actively know
that a little chimp will certainly die because your budget and
timetable just can't take the strain is heartbreaking. Simply
crushing. There are really few words.

This entry is dedicated to Lao Di Kia.

One hopes that, through education and awareness and good policing,
that we won't have to turn away orphans like this one again.

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