Friday, December 5, 2008

A Demand, A Demand!

Yesterday, our friend the official, Papa B, came by to help us make our “demand” to another man who has access to houses for rent.

For some reason, in order to look for houses, we had to write this official letter to a man whose name we did not even know. It seemed to be the most superfluous, repetitive thing I have ever seen or been party to in my life. Excerpts (translated from French) with relevant names omitted


Objective: To find a house for rent in Aketi

To: Mister Director of AGENCY, Aketi

Dear Mister Director,

We would like your help in finding a house to rent in Aketi. We are currently in Aketi working with OUR FOUNDATION NAME and we are looking for another house in Aketi. We have been told that you and AGENCY can help us find a house to rent in Aketi.

Thank you so much.


I wish I was joking or exaggerating! But it is apparently “necessary” in order to have permission to get the key from the man who has the key. So, we wrote it up and it has be submitted! Cross your fingers!

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