Monday, December 8, 2008


We have such a routine here; the same collection of foods every day, and every week. The same weather every day. Watching Aketi play during the day and making sure he doesn’t eat anything dangerous. Running the generator every other night. Pulling out the laptops to work (or in Adam’s case, play Techmo Super Bowl on his NES emulator). Picking up chimp poop. Hiding from mosquitos under the net at night. Drinking water.

Some of these things are soothing in their regularity, though others are a bit numbing.

There are some, however, that just make me smile. My mom calls me every Sunday at 10 am her time, and we talk for a half an hour and I hear about all the snow in Ohio! I love looking forward to that.

Sundays are email days, and it’s so thrilling to wonder what wonderful emails will be waiting for me, since I really don’t have the bandwidth to check Facebook or Livejournal and discover people’s news the indirect way.

Even going on Facebook for the first time in a month yesterday was bizarre, because it was a reminder that life at home never pauses, even when you’re unaware of what’s going on.

Cleve and I have plans to talk on Mondays, and waiting for a phonecall in and of itself is exciting!

Even waiting for the man with the key to the new houses has become routine.

Perhaps it’s just after the rainstorm last night, but everything feels cleaner, and fresher and happier.

Oh, and speaking of regular, Aketi finally pooped! Yay!

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