Sunday, November 30, 2008

Remember, Remember the Month of November

This month has been pretty adventurous to say the least. Starting
with our trip to the Yoko forest. We had a good time there, finding
chimp nests, Laura getting her first chimp dung sample and seeing all
of the untouched wildlife that was there. Even thought we were
drenched and I got an infection, it was still great.

Laura got her first case of malaria and came out okay. Thank goodness
for the medicine. Cleve left to go home and we had a nice
Thanksgiving diner.

Also confiscating Aketi the chimp from the illegal hunter and becoming
his surrogate mom made me feel really good about the work that Laura
and I are doing here. Taking care of him makes taking care of a human
baby seem like a cake walk. At least human babies wear diapers and
don't poop and pee all over the place.

The month did end on a sour note with Fat Shady's shenanigans. You
can read more about it in Laura's entry but essentially he is an idiot
I would like for Laura and myself to distance ourselves from.

We also made a new friend in a new official who came to Aketi. Its
good to have friends in high places. I think Papa Bosco likes us so
much because we were born the same year as his first daughter, He
sees us like his kids. He is going to help us find a new house
tomorrow so we can get away from Fat Shady.

It will also be nice to have Internet again tomorrow, This is after
my automatic Windows updates ate up half of the last month's data
transfer. This means you probably read this on Dec. 1st at the

The good news is that we are doing well and are healthy once again.
It is also the dry season, which makes traveling easier. It also
means very hot days and cold nights for us too.

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