Thursday, November 27, 2008

People Suck

The last entry in my day-long tirade of hate, but really, I’m so sick of the non-reciprocal back-scratching solicitation bullshit here.

A guy comes by, who Adam has been more than nice to and given free karate lessons to, and stops to talk to us. He works, I guess, with, or for the police, being an ex-military guy.

I said to him, as he passed by, “Do you know when our friends will be released?”

And he said to me, in broken English, which he prides himself on being able to speak (though it is usually only his first sentence that is at all discernible) “If you help me I’ll help you.”

Basically, like everyone else, asking for money.

I’m so glad he’s learned enough English to solicit bribes and extortion.

Bah, I say, Bah.

Now it is 7 hours since we first arrived at the police station, and Olivier and Seba have yet to be returned. It’s 3 hours since we paid the $8 for their declaration/release.

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