Sunday, November 16, 2008

Cleve's Departure

It feels as though there is a ghost here, and his name is Cleve. Yes, the house feels empty without him here -- no morning sound of his old Windows Toughbook booting up first thing in the morning... no sound of him laughing! Adam and I both miss him.

It doesn’t help that all the staff are wandering around in his clothing, given as gifts upon his departure! Clothes that I distinguish particularly as “Cleve’s” wander by, causing me to look twice, but no, it’s Olivier in Cleve’s orange button-down and Jojo in his forest-camo shirt.

Funnily, Cleve gave Olivier his pajamas and Olivier has been wandering around in them during the day, like a two-piece suit! And he does look dapper indeed!

We will miss Cleve, though know that he is laughing somewhere, eating falafel and watching The Dark Knight.

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