Monday, November 3, 2008

Back From Malaria... and Hungry for Meat!

Mutton today... mutton yesterday!

After having malaria, today, recovered, I felt the best I'd felt in days. My appetite had finally come back and Dido bought a huge haunch of goat at the market yesterday.
I was looking for strong flavors of either meat or soda after not having eaten in so many days and so many days before that full of poondoo (spinach) and maboke (squash).

I have nothing against poondoo or maboke, but I wanted something different for a change.

Last night, Dido said he would grill the first portion for me during the night and then make soup for me for the next day's lunch.  After having eaten the delicious grilled goat last night, though, I told him to forget the soup!  I wanted more grilled meat!

That first night of goat, I couldn't finish the entire piece so I shared it with the other guys in the house (minus Laura and Cleve).  It felt really nice to share with them!
For them to have goat, there has to be a special occasion.  But for me, it's also a special occasion in Congo since meat is more expensive than the other foods we eat.

This haunch of meat for 2 days was 4000 FC, or $8.

Today, though, I managed to finish ALL of the goat!  The sauce that Dido cooked it in was excellent, but I don't know what it was.

I hope that we can make allowance for more goat every so often, but even so I'm willing to forgo it for most of the time since I know it's expensive.

But Yum!

Why So Serious?

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