Sunday, November 23, 2008

Let there be light.. sort of

With our illnesses gone and Seba back with money from Cleve and
chargers for Laura's computer, via Hans (Thanks Hans!!!!!) we are a
little happier once again. Laura and I celebrated this with having
some cokes that Seba got for us when he was in Buta. We still are
having problems with the light bulb, but otherwise we are eating
spaghetti tonight and are happy.

I would write more stuff but really not a whole lot of stuff has
happened since I last wrote. My infection is almost gone and little
Aketi (a.k.a. Det. Munch, because he is always on the hunt for more
food) has been a little brat. Part of me can't wait to send him to
the sanctuary. Not so much to get him out of our hair, but to see him
play with other chimps, which he needs to do. Well that is all I have
for now. Right now we are happy and are preparing for Thanksgiving
dinner here in Aketi.

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