Friday, November 28, 2008

A Hug, A Touch, An Improvement?

Baby Aketi slept through the night last night after our Thanksgiving dinner, blithely ignorant to the drama and heavily-charged emotion of the day and even the evening.

This morning, around 5 am, as the sky was lightening and the birds started to call, starting with the green pigeon and it’s melodic, rhythmic cooing, Aketi called softly and wandered over from his bed to our bed.

I lifted the mosquito net, and he lifted his arms. I picked him up, and cradled him in my nook as I lay on my side. Adam turned and cradled me in turn, and we, as a family, went back to sleep.

I could smell Aketi’s musk lingering outside my nostrils, and feel the pressure of the air he emitted as he yawned widely in the room, still pitch dark.

He nestled in and wrapped his hand around Adam’s finger. He pressed his face into my arm, and went back to sleep.

Then, so did I, and so did Adam. And everything felt just a little bit better.

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