Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Mrs. Eyebrows and the Repaid Debt

After finally having money again, it was time to repay our debts, both for our motorbike and for the money Commerçant Eyebrows had been kind enough to lend us.

We’d of course tried to delay repayment for a while, waiting for the rest of our money to arrive from Buta, but when Mrs. Eyebrows showed up, we knew it was time!

Mrs. Eyebrows was purported by Commerçant Eyebrows to be Belgian, but looking at her, one would never know! Additionally, I propose that her husband’s enormous, legendary eyebrows are merely a compensation for her utter lack of eyebrows!!

Dressed in a long, flowing and semi-transparent animal print gown, laced with sequins and gold thread, she disdainfully pawed through the money we’d given her.

She seemed to speak no French, despite being “Belgian” though she commented, in Lingala, that her children loved Adam’s karate class.

And then she was gone, mounting her smart little mini-moped, astride in her dress, the sequins flying behind her.

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