Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Returning From the Forest - The Chimp Daddy

Our time in the forest was wonderful, for the most part. We spent two
days traveling to the Yoko River by way of paddleboat, or pierogi. We
camped out at a fishing village named Andé. The people there were -
generally- nice. They also helped us through the forest as we trekked
in, looking for evidence of chimpanzees.

We found tree nests, chimp dung, smashed bembe shells and chewed wild
spring onions. Laura even got to see a wild chimpanzee up in a tree
for a brief moment! (before it fled)

As for the chimp dung, Laura was able to collect her very first DNA
sample and I was so proud of her! I filmed it and I was beaming with
pride. I was so happy!

After 3 days in the forest we were ready to go home (and take a bath)
and it took us two long days to get home since we were going against
the current. On the way back home, Cleve got to see hippo dung and he
was excited! I never thought I'd see a group of people so happy about
finding poop.

We got rained on a lot, but we got home and were happy to finally put
on dry clothes and wash ourselves with hot water! Yesterday, the day
after we got home, we went to a house in Aketi and confiscated an
orphaned chimp. I picked up the chimp and knew I wanted to be his
daddy. It was so nice to save that chimp because we knew he was dying.

Last night was the first night he spent with us. Even though he
pooped a lot in the room during the night, I didn't mind and I
snuggled him to sleep. Laura said she was very proud of me and it
made me very happy. I think Baby Aketi, Laura and I will make a
wonderful family.

I've had a great past 8 days and I wanted to make sure everyone knew.

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