Monday, November 24, 2008

A Diamond, A Diamond

It’s a big speculative thing out here: the idea, the scent, the prospect ... of a diamond.

Yet for all my time in various parts of Congo, it has remained just that for me: speculation.

Today, however, Commerçant Eyebrows came by, and I wondered what it was he wanted. We’d repaid the debt to his wife, and I had neglected to had her sign something to acknowledge the receipt. Polycarpe and Olivier had witnessed the transaction, though, but still, seeing Mr. Eyebrows pull up, his motorbike roaring, I worried.

Yet he seemed to be here simply to show off. Within his pocket, he pulled out a wad of folded paper.

Then, ever so carefully, he unfolded the paper and revealed, inside, the tiniest little clear stone.

I’d never seen a diamond “in the rough” - and it seemed so diminutive. To imagine the importance of so small a thing... really, was boggling.

He allowed me to take a photo, and we assured him that we had no interest in buying diamonds, but that my research involved mines. This stone, apparently, was a carat.

I’ll have to upload the photo of it in December when I next have internet.

Upon showing off his tiny prize, Mr. Eyebrows chatted with Adam about karate and we talked to him about finding mats to protect the kids when they start doing falls.

Adam demonstrated on Mr. Eyebrows the ways in which one goes from standing to being forced to the ground, which was really quite amusing since Mr. Eyebrows, a career military man, wasn’t expecting to be taken so easily!

On Friday or Saturday, Adam will resume karate lessons, which will certainly be interesting to see!

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