Saturday, November 15, 2008

Cross Your Fingers For Lwiro

Things in the east near Goma are sounding worse, and according to Polycarpe, who faithfully listens to the radio daily, the war has finally come to Goma.

According to Debby, rebels are coming up from the south and Burundi, sandwiching Goma from two sides.

Lwiro, the sanctuary near Bukavu where my kids from Goma ended up, has had its volunteers evacuated. The manager, Carmen, has bought supplies for a long time and is hoping to ride it out within the sanctuary, but will run to Bukavu if it becomes necessary.

It’s a bit of a scary time, because hungry soldiers and chimpanzee sanctuaries don’t go well together!

We hear here too that the rebels are claiming that they will walk from Goma to Kinshasa. Take a look at the map, and then have a laugh with me. Apparently it happened 10 years ago, but man, what a hike!

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