Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Off to Yoko Forest

We’re so excited... finally, off to the wilds of Congo’s forests to do some sample collection and see some chimps *not* chained to houses or jerry cans.

Cleve, Adam and I leave this morning via BOAT on the Itimbiri River -- it should take us about 5 hours to reach our final destination, a small fishing village where we will camp for the night, and proceed into the forest tomorrow morning.

Thankfully because of our water sojourn, the amount of hiking won’t be extremely difficult, but forest hiking is always challenging nonetheless.

Vines, driver ants, twisted branches... it’s always an adventure!

Speaking of adventure, we’re told the river is plush with hippos AND crocodiles! Though we doubt/hope we’ll see little of the latter.

Tons of photos and stories are sure to emerge, but not for a good 8 days probably, so if you hear nothing from me, that’s why.

You’ll note the calendar on the righthand side of this blog... every time I head into the forest I’ll indicate it in my calendar so you can see whereabouts I am.

See you in a week!

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