Thursday, February 12, 2009


Okay, so this will be the last journal entry until our regular Sunday entries telling people we’re not dead in the forest. Which I joke about, but since both my parents AND my friends seem slight concerned, is, I guess, a possibility though no more likely than any part of living in Congo!

I barely slept last night, concerned about the upcoming forest trip and getting everything done, and just hoping that the IRB committee doesn’t find some other thing I haven’t done that I must, impossibly, complete from 10,000 miles away in the jungle.

It also didn’t help that the bed was mostly empty!

The EXCITING news is that I found a cat, a tiny kitten, in the front garden yesterday while Adam’s advanced karate assistants were teaching basic moves to the local kids. She was in sort of rough shape, and very very tiny, but very friendly and I picked her up and got her purring in no time.

She slept in the bed with me during the night and was immensely reassuring. I’ve asked the people staying here to please watch out for her while I’m gone, so I really hope she’s still here when I get back. She’s curled up by our kitchen fire right now outside so there’s a chance, but hey... it’s Congo.

The second excellent good piece of news is that the motorcycle driver did NOT flake out and actually left Likati during the evening and slept along the road and got here just 10 minutes ago!

Adam made it to Likati in one piece and apparently the roads were pretty bad but the whole trip only took 3+ hours. Very encouraging (though mostly encouraging solely for the news of Adam)

So, to reiterate, we’ll be posting a journal entry every Sunday to let people know we’re okay but there will be little other news...

I promised my mom too that we’d start THIS Sunday, so talk to you all then!

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