Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Friends

I am so excited about our new friends, the French woman from Action
Against Hunger, and the Lebanese salesman. As you have read from
Laura's blog, the French lady stood us up at the bar but, we met
Kasim, the Lebanese gentleman who is here. He get goods such as olive
oil, vegetable oil, othe foods and goods from major cities in Congo to
here in Aketi. We went to his house, watched Aljezeera in English,
watch Iron Man on his TV and ate eggs cook with onions and vegetable
oil. This is the first time that we have had olive oil since we
arrived in Aketi. It was so good, I went to Kasim's house the next
morning and bought five liters of vegetable oil for nearly $20. It
was expensive but the egg sandwich that I had for breakfast was
awesome. It was cooked in vegetable oil with onions and a hot pepper
grown here called pili-pili. It was the closest thing to American
food that I have had here. Which I think is a good thing since I have
lost a lot of weight while here in Congo (eating natural foods without
chemicals is great!).

Anyways, Laura and I are really excited about our upcoming forest
trip. It will be nice to be in the wild again and see all of the
different animals again. Of course, we will be begging for a bath
when we come back.

It has been exciting with the new people and the new cafe in town.
For now Laura and I are doing fine and having a good time. Until next

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