Sunday, February 22, 2009

Field Journal - Day Nine


Portions of this entry have been excised to be re-inserted later

We waited all day for our ancient old local tracker, Dido, to take us into the forest behind the village to look for chimps.

We JUST discovered after asking 50 times that he feels “too sick to go” -- of course, he wasn’t too sick to head in this morning to the palm trees deep in the forest to harvest more palm wine!

Potential chimp contact - ruined. Another day - wasted.

Plus, Richard and Seba came back from their expedition empty handed.

No chimps -- all the way out there! Lots of elephants, and okapis, but no chimps. Another 2 days wasted!

I’m in the middle of a complete freakout because we’ve been here in Difongo a week without much to show for it!

My hopes for legitimacy and really uncovering something here are slipping away so quickly that I don’t even have time to grab them up again.

Coupled with the feelings of helplessness to fix things going on at home -- it’s a complete clusterfuck.

I’m too overwhelmed even to problemsolve right now, my trusty Crutch During Times Of Difficulty.

I’m just thinking of all the money I’ve spent and litres I’ve vomited and volumes I’ve sweat ... only to come this far and fail!

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