Thursday, February 12, 2009

Souza - The New Confiscation

Thankfully NOT eaten, Souza Siforco must now undergo his monthlong
quarantine period away from the other chimpanzees to ensure both his
safety and theirs!! Then he'll join the other chimpanzees at the

We hope when we return from the forest to find him healthy, and so
far, he's doing quite well. He's got a good appetite and good spirit
(though he slept last night for nearly 11 hours!!)


tole said...

laura, whatup! how do i subscribe to your blog? it's so souped up i can't navigate it.

tole: Nicole Aline Thompson said...

this is nicole thompson by the way =) i know I'm useless, i need a simple "follow this blog" link. good luck in Difongo!