Friday, February 6, 2009

New Friends

As you may have read, the French finally arrived this week from Action Contra La Faim (Action Against Hunger).

Which makes me realize that, in English, their acronym is AAH! tee hee

We were so jazzed about some new mondeles in town that we planned to walk up to the Cathedral to visit them, only to find the female half already at the ATE’s office, presumably completing the piles of paperwork and files that is part of the Mondele Rigamarole that we too went through upon arrival.

So, we introduced ourselves, discovered that she spoke English (much to Adam’s delight), and offered to come and get her later in the day to bring her to our new “bar” for some cold beers and sodas.

She gratefully accepted, and we excitedly went home, having evening plans ... something completely novel for us!

After karate, Adam walked up to the bar and I took the moto with Seba up to the cathedral. 5 pm! “Nighttime”! But the French was still working, and told us she’d meet us at the bar at 6:30. Sure!

Arriving at the café, we discovered that Papa B, our friendly but pushily extortive official, had invited himself along and had already put a beer on our tab. But it was fine, and we brought along Polycarpe, our fantastic assistant chief of the project. It was indeed a night to celebrate.

While at the bar, Papa B asked us why we hadn’t invited the Lebanese guy in town whom I have frequently referenced for his ingenuity for making money here in Aketi.

And honestly, I wasn’t sure.

I mean, he’s been here as long as we have, and we see him zooming by on his motorcycle every day and yet we’ve never, ever said hello.

So I said, “Use my phone! Invite him!”

Kassim showed up maybe twenty minutes later, which is more than I can say for the French.

Adam and I decided that maybe she got caught up in work and had no way to contact us and just forgot that she could have sent someone along to let us know she wasn’t coming. We’re trying not to just say “Ah well, that’s The French.”


Anyway, Kassim showed up and we all chatted until very “late” into the night!! That is, after 9 pm! He was having problems with his computer so I offered to come by the next day and fix them, and we exchanged telephone numbers.

It was indeed exciting to have a new friend, and we’re looking forward to tomorrow

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