Monday, February 2, 2009

I Saw the Police perform in Africa, Live!!!!!!

The Aketi Police Department clapped their hands and sang a song before their jujitsu lessons with me. What, you thought I saw Sting and the others? Ha Ha!!!!! It was still cool to see them though. Their lessons are progressing but some of them have a hard time picking up stuff though, so I have to repeat many things with them. There lieutenant is really good at learning and leads the other in jujitsu practice while I am not there. If any of you are reading this and have either martial arts instruction experience or have been trained in law enforcement and would like to chime in, please feel free to do so. Any pointers or tips will be appreciated.

Also, Laura and I were in the market yesterday when a woman came up to Laura and started dancing. Laura started dancing with her and it caused a riot. All the children were so excited to see a red-headed white woman dancing, some thing that they probably never seen. It was pretty amazing.

Until next time.


Johnny said...

I DID think you saw STING!

So they want to learn jujitsu? Stick with stuff up to green belt! I wouldn't do much beyond that... generally law enforcement doesn't get into all the flowy stuff of advanced jujitsu.

Make sure they know rear naked choke.

Awesome post! Are you able to attack them for practice, or would they think you're actually attacking them? It'd be good to simulate the situations they'll encounter.

Laura Darby said...

I actually had to ask Adam if "rear naked choke" was a real Jujitsu technique and not just some dirty prison shower maneuver...

Brian said...

It's a real Jujitsu technique for a dirty prison shower maneuver.

"Darling, wake up. I've invented a maneuver."
-Eddie Izzard