Sunday, February 22, 2009

Field Journal - Day Nine


Today is apparently Bath Day for the village children -- it’s been sort of hilarious as they all run around, screaming and laughing, wet and soapy.

Afterwards, they all sit by the fire naked to warm up. I wouldn’t object to a bath myself today, though I think I’ll forgo the naked fire-sitting or the public nudity in general.

Yesterday evening, a man came by to sell us EGGS -- but they were HUGE!!!

We discovered that they were NOT from a mutant huge chicken... but from a CROCODILE.

Adam is actually going to EAT them this morning! but the very idea of them gives me the wiggins.

What does help either is Olivier’s answer to Adam’s question:

“Since they don’t need to be kept warm, if we wait too long to eat them, will they hatch?”

to which Olivier said,

“We will eat them tomorrow!”

... Yea.... I’ll pass.


The same guy came by this morning with a fish to sell, apparently undeterred by whatever etiquette exists regarding peering into tent windows while holding a smelly fish first thing in the morning.

Thankfully not motivated by a personal desire to eat fish, I asked by the price. The eggs the day before had been reasonably priced, so imagine by surprise when he asked for 10,000FC!! About $15US! Not even Citarella is that expensive!

I was so offended that I told him to take his stinky fish and leave the village!

I tend to be of the mindset that when people try to run Mondele Price Scams that they should not receive any business to punish them and hopefully impart a lesson about honesty.

I do, however, feel bad for depriving my non-vegetarian companions of fish (that is, everyone *except* me)!

After a certain point, though, your tolerance for these kinds of shennanigans is just at an end.

In other news, Polycarpe swears he heard chimps in the night behind his side of our little village, so after breakfast, we’ll head over to investigate!

... Provided Adam’s breakfast doesn’t eat him first!

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