Monday, February 23, 2009

Field Journal - Day Ten


Portions of this entry have been excised to be re-inserted later

A night’s sleep and a big planning session with Polycarpe made things feel a lot better and under control.

We’ll head out tomorrow in the direction of those chimp calls, and head further out the day after.

I realized too that if I end up needing to stay in the forest longer, so be it. And if that means delaying moving the chimps a little, that’ll have to be okay too.

Situations are not always ideal, especially in Africa. But you just do the best you can.

Desperate for a pick-me-up, I bathed with a little hot water Olivier made for me. My first bathing in a week!

And afterwards, things did feel better. I changed my clothes, and tidied the tent, and played some cards too.

It’s sometimes these moments that leave you the most prone to enchantment, too.

While Adam and I washed our clothes this morning in the river, African-style, sitting on a rock with my feet submerged in the cool clear water and my pants rolled up, a group of guenons came upon us.

At first, they alarm called busily, but as we continued on, undeterred, they got more curious.

The adolescents even came down into the lower canopies of the trees and bobbed their heads, their little snow-white noses glowing even in the darkness of the forest.

I kept scrubbing the clothes, but kept my head raises to keep watching our companions.

Not ever a fan of laundry, scrubbing our dirties in the briskly cold, idle little stream - the sun shining on me from the break in the trees above the “road” -- it was invigorating and sort of magical.

Well, at least as magical as laundry can get ;)

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