Sunday, February 15, 2009

Field Journal - Day Three

Sacred Heart Parish - Likati, DRC
N03º22.114’/ E023º53.253’

I awoke from my nap to the sound of what I thought -- or rather, hoped -- was the distant rumble of a motorcycle engine.

The 7 am church service this morning had only ended around 12:30pm, but even emerging from the room then, I was barraged by exiting parishioners, smiling and stil ever-curious about my every step!

Now, however, the grounds and surrounding roads are empty, motionless as everyone has already scrambled inside, bracing themselves for the impending rain.

Little scares me out here, but waiting here at this cathedral, alone, not knowing anything as I watch a hawk barely staying aloft amidst the gusting winds --

I am anxious.

Seba left with Adam at 8am, and the the voyage, at worst, was to take 3 hours.

Where is he? What happened??

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