Monday, February 16, 2009

Made it to the forest

Things have not exactly gone as we would have liked, mostly with
regard to the BGAN, our internet source, which refused to give us
signal yesterday after months of consistent usage in Aketi, then
restarted itself and began again at 1/3rd power instead of full power.


But we made it to Difongo, and might move to another camp deeper in
the forest tomorrow or Tuesday.

We are safe, and happy. Sorry if we worried people by being unable to
go online yesterday (like my mom) but there was nothing we could do
about it!

It's already starting off being a wonderful adventure (though wow, we
are seeing a LOT of elephant meat) -- more next Sunday!


Brian said...

But lots of elephant meat in the jungle means lots of jungle elephants, right? Won't that make alot of your pachy-maniac colleagues excited that there actually still are jungle elephants?

Laura Darby said...

Well, there's still some debate about species distinctions -- some "forest elephant" dung samples have been shown to be of the genetic character of savannah elephants -- who knows how different the two really are.

But people are definitely keen to know where elephants PERIOD are in Congo after all the war and hunting and everything else.

These folks are the ones I sent my data to: