Friday, February 20, 2009

Field Journal - Day Eight


Portions of this entry have been excised and will be re-inserted later

Neither Adam nor I can believe that February is so close to being over!! Where did the time go?

Today is not a forest adventure day, but an adventure day nonetheless!

Seba & Richard left today for a “long” verification trip -- apparently “too long” for me (20km), so I’ve just accepted that and have moved on. Sort of. But not 20km.

We did, however, buy some local poondoo today and Adam and i have been learning how to make it from SCRATCH!

We’ll search out cassava leaves at home so we can make it there too (especially when Cleve comes to visit!). But I think it’ll be a lot easier with a food processor!!

Being here in the forest at the end of February is making us realize how close to the end of this trip we are! And we are filled too with thoughts of home.

We are extremely happy, though, keeping warm by the fire and singing along with the “I Want Candy” bird!

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