Saturday, February 7, 2009

In the Dark

Sure, we may not have the generator every night, but it seems that in more ways than one we’ve been in the dark!!

While chatting with our friend Kassim, man of Infinite Means, we discovered that we could have flown from Kisangani to Bomba, a town only 200km from here and also accessible by river.

There is apparently a weekly flight that leaves on Sundays and is “not expensive.”

We discovered this while relaying our horror story of coming to Aketi via motorcycle for six days through mud and hell. We’d been told that the flights with Aviation Sans Frontiers (Flights without Borders) were all booked up and that our sponsors hadn’t planned early enough, but who knows if they even knew about these other flights!

I think in retrospect that it was, certainly, an adventure that we’re glad we had. But it would have been nice to have been given the option of flying!

(In other news, there are apparently many other things we’re “missing out on” here in Aketi that are available that we didn’t even know about! More to come!)

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Rachel said...

I misread that as "man of Infinite Beans," and I was going to say I know the food is repetitive but no need to exaggerate!