Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Field Journal - Day Twelve

Sacred Heart Parish - Likati, DRC
N03º22.114’/ E023º53.253’

Parts of this entry have been excised for later re-insertion

Being in Likati again makes me feel like the next stop is Aketi, though there’s still another mine ahead.

We had a bit of a money crisis yesterday, upon being told that many of the food supplies we’d purchased for 21 days were nearly finished... after only 12 days.

And as simple as it may be to say “I miscalculated”... it’s still not much of an excuse.

We’d also had some provisions go inexplicably missing (though why anyone would steal bouillion cubes is beyond me) -- so after having to spend another $15 on supplies for the next 5 days, we had to have a talk.

Living and working and being together is an easy cement to make us here -- Adam and I and our employees -- feel like a family.

But when they begin to treat us like parents (and thusly act like children) it becomes a real problem.

It’s a responsibility that’s tough to shoulder, because they seem to have n unwavering faith that whatever stupid thing they do or plan they mess up, that we will have the ability and the means to fix it... which just isn’t the case.

And as I write this (waiting again to be picked up), I suddenly realize some of the reasons my mother complains so much!

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