Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Roman Hands

I realized too that I should mention the hilarity of the other morning with our friend, the official --

Usually when he comes over, if it’s been an especially hot day, Adam will have had his shirt off and will quickly put one on so as not to greet our visitors shirtless.

This past week, there was one occasion where our friend came by while Adam was in the bathroom, so Adam emerged, shirtless, and didn’t want to be rude and not greet the man.

Greet him shirtless he did, but our official had a strange reaction! He smiled, and laughed, and immediately reached over and began stroking Adam’s chest hair. Not just idly -- he was really into it!

“He is so hairy! So good!” he said in French.

And then, much to my astonishment, he pulled his button-down shirt, carefully tucked into his dandily pressed trousers, and showed me his naked belly!

“We in Congo have no hair like this,” he said, grabbing Adam’s hand and putting it on his own stomach. “See?”

Adam explained to our friend that having so much hair made him very hot in this heat, though!

Our friend rubbed and caressed Adam’s chest again before he continued on his way out of the front door.

What a hoot!

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Johnny said...

THAT is wild. Adam's got international good looks.