Sunday, January 4, 2009

New People Are Coming

The assistant immigration officer told us yesterday that the two French volunteers from Action Against Hunger (the acronym in French is ACF). I am excited for them to come because it means two things. First, we will have other foreigners to possibly to talk to. They are French so they may be quite rude and may want to ignore us. The second reason is that the officials will have other people to bother for money. Since they are ACF, they will be giving stuff away. That means they will definitely harass them more. Yay for us.


Anonymous said...

Hi Adam,
Dan passed your message and website on to me. Congrats on your engagement. Sounds like your having a wonderful experience there. Hope you and Laura had a wonderful Christmas. Tell her hello.

Laura Darby said...

Thanks, Donna! Adam loves that you took a peek at the blog! We'll send you details once the wedding is more formulated and what-not. And hello to you too!