Friday, January 9, 2009

Learning to Ride the Moto

Learning to ride the moto was an adventure all of its own yesterday!
First of all, it was very fun! Second of all, it was a bit scary!!
Especially when I let go of the brake too quickly at first and the
bike popped a wheelie, throwing Seba off the back completely!

Seba helped me get the moto started at first -- once I was already
going, it was pretty easy and fun, though. Seba let me drive down the
main road, almost to the corner store, which was great. It was sort of
like riding a bike that propelled itself.

We sort of turned a little bit, but not really so the next time we do
a lesson I want to get better at starting off and also turning. The
gas is on the right handlebar and there are two brakes next to the
handlebars, like other motorcycles. You change gears with your left

I'm looking forward to being able to drive the moto myself, because
then Laura and I can go anywhere in the town ourselves if it is too
hot to walk!

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