Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Can't You Be Like the Mondelle?

On Jan. 4th , Laura and I went to this wonderful New Years' Party that we were invited to in Aketi. There was a lot of food and happiness. It was so nice to see so many people come together and have such a great time.

We met this man and his daughter. I forgot what his name was in French, but in English it was Mr. Hope. He was really nice and spoke English! Quite well actually. He said that he was an English teacher for twelve years in the DRC but had to quit since was not getting paid. This is a huge problem in DRC. People do good jobs but no one pays them.

His daughter was in Aketi for the holiday from school in Buta. She is studying English and African Culture at the university in Buta.

The reason for the title is for what happened at the party. I got up and got a plate of food for Laura and then got up and got a plate of food for myself. After I sat down, Laura fed me some of her food from her plate. All the people at the party got a big kick out of it. A lady said to her husband, “if you got me food like the mondele (white person), I would feed you too!” Laura and I thought that was hilarious. All in all, the New Year's party was great and we were invited to another one on March 8th. The only problem is that we might be in the forest collecting samples for Laura's research. I hope that we can go.

Until next time!!!

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