Friday, January 30, 2009


It is Friday, and after our long, long week and frustration, we decided to shell out $6 and buy 2 liters of gas and have a little movie night.

We’ve become quite fond of some of our neighbour kids -- they are in Adam’s advanced karate class and run lots of little errands for us and are generally a hoot.

We tried last night to watch several films, but it doesn’t seem like Congolese kids have much patience for American comedies, even when it involves the hilarity of Gene Hackman playing a tobacco magnate, coughing and sputtering.

And some action movies we’ve got are just too complicated for them (ie Blade Runner) so we tried to watch V for Vendetta.

I thought maybe the political message would inspire them! After all, Congo Prevails!

Imagine my surprise when, halfway through the film, one of the kids asked me if V was a woman.

I’d turned on the French audio track, and certainly, the voiceover actor had a VERY low voice and was very manly indeed!

“Listen to the voice!” I said, “Do you know any women who talk like that?”

“Yes!” the boy exclaimed. “But look at the long hair!”

So during the whole film, they had not been looking speculative because they were intrigued by the political message of the film.

They had been trying to figure out the gender of V’s character.


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