Thursday, January 1, 2009

A Box of Rocks

An amusing side story to all of the rather gross interludes of late --

While lying out on the veranda trying to stay cool (and healthy), an unnamed employee of ours came out to ask whether or not we would give him and the other employee money for food for the day.

When I said we already had, he looked confused. He passed me the list we had made earlier in the day (comprised usually of shopping items for lunch and dinner).

On the list was the gas we were buying for use on January 1st, the 2 beers for Adam and 2 sodas for me for the New Year, the money for the shopping for the day and the 1400 FC for the food money for the employees.

I pointed it out to him, and he laughed.

“I was SO confused!!” he exclaimed. “I was going to ask you as the next question why I had this extra 1400 FC and what it was supposed to be for!”

“So,” I said, “you came to ask me 1) for 1400 FC for food money and 2) what the extra 1400 FC I’d given you this morning was for?”

“Yea!” he said enthusiastically, not realizing that I was pointing out something painfully, painfully obvious to me.

“Okay,” I said, feeling laughingly hopeless. “Glad we sorted it out!”

“Me too!” he said, child-like.


Give up now?

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