Friday, January 9, 2009

The New Whites

We’ve been told now for nearly 3 months that 2 French people are about to come here! At first it was a November 1st arrival, but then they postponed because they were “afraid” after the unrest in Goma. Of course, Goma is 2500km from here, but who knows what they thought would happen...

Then we were told they’d be here by Christmas, but again, a delay!

We walked over to the cathedral, our formal potential residence, today -- about 1.5 miles from our house.

I’ve mentioned before that it’s quite boggling to see because it is simply ENORMOUS and very fancy! A remnant of Belgian colonialization, of course, but still so impressive all these years later!

I’m still glad we decided not to live there, though, because upon entering the area around the church where there is also a huge school and mission, we were swarmed with children who refused to go away!

And the disappointment too of discovering we’d gone all that way and that the French people weren’t even here yet! We did meet their Congolese counterpart from Action Contra La Faim who assured us that yes, they WOULD be coming via CAR.

We are still extremely skeptical about this fact -- we’ve traveled the PATHS (not roads) between Kisangani and Aketi and especially have traversed the tiny, wooden or extremely ancient and rickety steel railroad bridges between here and there!

There is only one car in Aketi for a reason!

Apparently they are coming “next week” so we shall see when they come! Adam I think is hoping that they speak English, and will want to come hang out with us and watch movies and participate in the White Conspiracy.

Ha, no, seriously, it will be nice to see some new faces around here, and maybe not be quite so unique!

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