Sunday, January 4, 2009

Question and Answer

Lovely Lauren Lief asks this week:

        “Just a little nervous about the Christmas violence in the northeast quadrant of DRC. You are ok? Except for malaria?”

The answer is yes! We are okay. We hadn’t even heard boo diddly about violence in the country, but we’re still pretty far west of Northeastern Congo. The only news source we really get is Polycarpe’s crappy short wave radio, which he uses to listen to news almost obsessively, but it has terrible reception and I can barely make out what they’re saying half the time!

But yes, we are fine here. Not deported. Not sick anymore.

And enjoying our Congolese peanut brittle candy!


Anonymous said...

found the concern about "scary illnesses" and malaria kind of amusing especially when the real "biggie" has just come back out - ebola! Stay away from the tree canopy! Stay safe.

Laura Darby said...

Woa! I hadn't read about that! Maybe send me the link to the article? It'll be relevant probably for my literature review!