Friday, March 27, 2009

The Waiting Game

It’s Friday at 4 pm, which means that we have only 2 full days left here in Aketi. We’ve worked hard to finish up the things that are important - some last few gifts for friends and photos in and around the town. I also finished up with some in-town interviews to add to my thesis. Overall, a good few days.

We also gave the leftovers from all my research (gloves, masks, etc) to the local hospital. They were extremely pleased!

In typical Congolese style, everything is breaking down. The generator just needed a $20 part, and though it killed me to pay $20 for something I’m only going to use for 2 more days, the idea of having no electricity for 2 days was worse!

I still feel this inner tension, because while things feel calm, on Monday, they may not be. No one yet knows our departure date, thankfully, but if we’re sitting out at the airfield for a few hours, I just know that there’ll be some sort of drama!

I just want the chimps to be okay, and once again, the wait for the exhale is leaving me a bit blue in the face.

There is also the perpetual problem of the countdown -- things always seem to take longer when you’re paying such close attention!

I’m thrilled by the idea of being in Entebbe again, and seeing my kids from Goma at Lwiro, and of taking the road trip from Goma to Beni with Stu. So much to look forward to!

Why does it all seem so far away!?

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