Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Not Dead

There have been terrible developments, and amazing successes -- it hardly feels like it could be possible in less than 48 hours.

I also never thought it was possible to cry over the taste of mushrooms on toast, but that too is within the realm of reality here!

We’re in Bukavu, and just way too tired and stressed to write up the whole incident, especially considering that we should really be devoting our online time to getting our workers in Aketi out of prison.

But updates will indeed come -- promise! For now, we’re safe and at least have gotten our passports back.

And, the chimpanzees are safely installed at Lwiro. We’re trying especially hard to focus on the positives right now.        

Thanks for keeping track of us!


Greg Sanders said...

Prison?! Yikes. Best of luck to them and to you for the rest of your journey.

Laura Darby said...

Thank you! We're safely out of the country now -- wait until you hear what we left out!